SingSong Karaoke

SingSong Karaoke 2.05

Karaoke game to see how good your voice is


  • Can use any tune in full version
  • Easy to use


  • Based on Java so heavy on CPU
  • Scoring system quite dull
  • Requires you to manually enter lyrics

Not bad

if you fancy yourself as a future contestant on Pop Idol or think you could be the next Britney Spears, then let SingSong give you the once over.

SingSong is a fun karaoke game that claims to allow you to sing to any song in the world and SingSong will rate you based on how well you sing. The first thing to note is that SingSong uses a rather annoying Java applet to download so you'll need to wait for SingSong to open Java before you can even get going. However, once downloaded, it launches straight away and you can start limbering-up your lungs.

SingSong scores you while you sing by measuring your voice against the original artist. In this trial, you can choose from Madonna, Eric Clapton and Gloria Gaynor but you'll have to have the original MP3 or OFF file to sing them. In the full version, you can use any song, but using the note editor you have to enter every single lyric which would be a real pain. Alternatively, you're also given a few generic ones to try out which are really cheesy but allow you to see how it works.

You can play against others or play a multiplayer game but this is obviously limited by the amount of microphones you can attach to your Mac. It's hard to know whether it's really scoring your voice accurately as you sing or not though. You can shout into the microphone and still get the same results as singing the right words. In addition, the scoring system is a bit dull, just measuring your accuracy in percentage instead of giving you a score like in SingStar.

SingSong Karaoke is a nice idea and it's great you can choose any tune you want in the full version. However, I'm not convinced by the accuracy of it's scoring or the scoring format.

SingSong Karaoke


SingSong Karaoke 2.05

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